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COVID19 Rules of Engagement

We are working hard to serve you during this crisis. We have taken the following steps to ensure the safety and protection of you and our volunteers as we help you.

  1. We have instituted a drive-thru system. Please stay in your car and stop at the yellow walkway in front of our doors. Someone from our team will greet you.
  2. We will take a picture of your license for intake purposes.
  3. We have assembled a standard kit of supplies for you. It includes USDA pork & fish, personal care products including toilet paper, fresh apples, or oranges. Items may be modified as supplies last.
  4. Is there an item that you specifically are looking for? We will take special requests.
  5. You will receive a family tag. Give this to the next person or stop as you move forward to receive your supplies.
  6. Per Michigan protocol, we will put the supplies in the trunk of your car. Is it empty? If you want it in your backseat, we will place the supplies on the sidewalk, and you will need to put it inside of your car.
  7. is there anything specific that we can pray for you?
  8. Would you like a family to reach out to you to journey with you beyond pantry hours? (if yes, note their phone number and email address).
  9. Please drive around toward the garage and our team will serve you as soon as we can.